At Looney Labs we believe that we can make a difference in the world. That is why a portion of the profits from the sales of EcoFluxx will be donated to groups working towards generating environmental awareness and to restoring the Earth. The EcoFluxx Foundation was established to choose which organizations are to receive these donations, and to provide a forum for all our fans and friends to talk about environmental issues, especially about things we can do in our daily lives to live more sustainably.
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Things You Can Do

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We pledge allegiance to the Earth

Our planet is finite. Our resources are limited. We as human beings have a conscience and free will. We have choices and are aware of our impact on nature and the world around us. We can choose to be compassionate, and care about other people (both present and future) as well as our environment. Or we can be selfish and greedy, only caring for ourselves.

Every single thing we do in our daily life affects the health of the planet and the wellbeing of other people. Think about the choices you make and the interconnectedness of all things and share your insights with others. Let's choose to treat the earth right! Spread the word!

10 Things you can do

Many organizations have published lists of "the 10 things" they consider to be the most important and/or easier things you can do to live environmentally sustainable lives. These suggestions help the natural environment by consuming less resources.

From "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore:

  1. Change a light.
  2. Drive less.
  3. Recycle more.
  4. Check your tires.
  5. Use less hot water.
  6. Avoid products with a lot of packaging.
  7. Adjust your thermostat.
  8. Plant a tree.
  9. Turn off electronic appliances
  10. Spread the word!

From The Center for a New American Dream (CNAD): Turn the Tide - TEN

  1. Walk, Bike, Carpool (Drive Less).
  2. Eat less feedlot beef.
  3. Eat eco-friendly seafood.
  4. Free yourself from junk mail.
  5. Install compact fluorescents.
  6. Stop freezing in the summer.
  7. Stop sweating in the winter.
  8. Eliminate lawn pesticides.
  9. Reduce home water usage.
  10. Inspire your friends.

From The Center for a New American Dream (CNAD): Turn the Tide - NINE

  1. Skip one car trip each week.
  2. Replace one beef meal.
  3. Shift from shrimp.
  4. Stop junk mail.
  5. Use energy-efficient bulbs.
  6. Move the thermostat 3 degrees.
  7. Eliminate pesticides.
  8. Use low-cost water savers.
  9. Inspire two friends to Turn the Tide.

From The Chesapeake Climate Action Network. Personal action: Ten Things You Can Do.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  2. Insulate your Home.
  3. Be Thrifty with Heating and Cooling.
  4. Leave the Car at Home Whenever You Can.
  5. Buy Energy-Efficient Products.
  6. Turn Down your Appliances.
  7. Don't Leave the Water Running.
  8. Get a Report Card from your Utility Company.
  9. Be an Informed Consumer.
  10. Encourage Others to Conserve.

From The Sierra Club. Global Warming and Energy, Featured Factsheets: Ten Things You Can Do.

  1. Drive Smart.
  2. Write your leaders now.
  3. Support clean renewable energy.
  4. Replace incandescent with compact fluorescent bulbs.
  5. Save energy at home.
  6. Become a smart water consumer.
  7. Buy energy efficient electronics and appliances.
  8. Plant a Tree, protect a forest .
  9. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!
  10. Mount a local campaign against global warming.

Reduce (to use less)

Here are some examples of things you could reduce in usage, and still maintain the same standard of living.

  • Water Consumption
  • Gasoline Consumption
  • Electricity
  • Paper
  • Gas (cooking/heating)
  • Materials in General
  • Packaging
  • Furniture
  • Planned Obsolescence

But how can I reduce?: Check The Earthling's Handbook for lots of cool ideas and suggestions to live more sustainably.

Also check for ideas on using less stuff.

To stop junk mail, and get a tree planted on your behalf every month contact Greendimes . To stop junk mail and give to a charity of your choice, contact 41 pounds.

Reuse (to put again into service, not changing the item)

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

  • Thrift Stores
  • Donations
  • Second Hand It (pass it on)

Have you heard of Freecycle? Look for a group in your area!

Recycle (to put again into service, with the item changed)

Recycling is the act of processing used or abandoned materials, which would otherwise be considered waste, for use in creation of new products and goods. Recycling helps lessen the amount of waste that goes onto landfills, helps reduce the amount of toxic chemicals absorbed into the earth and can significantly reduce manufacturing costs and energy consumption.

Have you ever wondered about the HISTORY of recycling? When did it start? How? Here is Wikipedia's exposition on recycling and its history.

Want to know what, how and when to recycle in your area? Check Earth911.

Wonder where to recycle your rechargeable batteries and cell phones? Go to RBRC (The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation).

You can also recycle all your Mobile Devices at Staples. They have an agreement with Sierra Club where by the funds collected from the recycled materials get donated to the this environmental non profit! This is a win-win situation!

Helpful links:

  • Wow! A really comprehensive website on sustainable living! Check out Eartheasy.
  • The low-impact living initiative helps people reduce their impact on the environment, improve their quality of life, gain new skills, live in a healthier and more satisfying way, have fun, and save money. Check out their list of topics !
  • We know that you would just love to "do the right thing" for yourself and the planet if it were convenient, fun, inexpensive, and made you feel good. The ideal bite shares short & sassy eco-living tips in a fun way. You can check them out or register to receive weekly emails from them.
  • Green Options focuses on giving you the knowledge and resources you need in greening up your life.
  • National Geographic has a magazine called The Green Guide, which you can get in paper or electronic version. Their Environment section is really good.
  • Very helpful site all 'round: Environment: Green Living at The Earthlink's Handbook.
  • Do you drive? Would you like to offset your CO2 production? Check this out: TerraPass. Read articles about them on: CNN and Wired.
  • Would you like to purchase green power? The Green Power Network provides information on green power providers, product offerings, consumer protection issues, and policies affecting green power markets.
  • How about buying locally grown produce and products? Local Harvest is a site that can point you to farmers' markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area.
  • I know this might seem a bit extreme, but have you thought about getting a composting toilet? Envirolet has different models, and there is one that uses a bit of water and looks just like a regular toilet ...
  • For up-to-date environmental information, The Chesapeake Climate Action Network has a great newsletter that can be emailed to you. It is not just for the people around the Washington DC area.
  • A really cool site on Environmental News and Commentary, Grist has lots of information and interesting journalism. For day to day environmental information, check The Daily Grist.
  • Interested in participating in the Stop Global Warming Virtual March? Join
  • Are you into technology and interested in the environment at the same time? ecogeek monitors and explores the current explosion in technology designed to mitigate our impact on the environment. And the green geek strongly believes that you can be a Geek and an Environmentalist all at the same time!
  • Cool word puzzle:
  • Many links to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:
  • EPA Office of solid waste site, educational resources:

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