At Looney Labs we believe that we can make a difference in the world. That is why a portion of the profits from the sales of EcoFluxx will be donated to groups working towards generating environmental awareness and to restoring the Earth. The EcoFluxx Foundation was established to choose which organizations are to receive these donations, and to provide a forum for all our fans and friends to talk about environmental issues, especially about things we can do in our daly lives to live more sustainably.

Entreaties from the Green Fairy

Hello in January!

Luisa, here at Looney Labs, starting a new column about Environmentalism and Sustainable Living. My alter ego is "The Green Fairy." I would love to have a magic wand I could wave over all humans and make a wish to reduce the usage of our natural resources to a sustainable level and also reduce our waste and emissions to a rate that the Earth can actually process and re-absorb. "Ping!" If only it could be that easy.

In lieu of having magic powers, I want this column to be a starting point for conversation about how we affect the environment. I hope it will generate awareness of our impact on Earth in order to be better citizens of our planet. How do our daily actions affect the world? What can we do about it? Please pass the link to this column along to anyone you think might be interested.

Let's talk about the environment and our actions in a serious way. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! We've all heard this mantra a thousand times.

I think everyone can agree that reducing consumption by avoiding single-use items, and buying less stuff in general, is good for the environment; as well as to reduce packaging by buying things in larger containers. It is also good for the environment to use things to their maximum, such as reusing plastic bags, water bottles, using paper on both sides, etc... But what about recycling? Is recycling really good for the environment? Believe it or not, this can be a controversial issue... Aluminum cans are definitely a good thing to recycle, but are other things as well?

Recently, I watched a video made by Penn and Teller called "Bullshit: Recycling!". I would love it if everyone would watch it and we could talk about it. What do you think? I think they make some good points, but at the same time I thought some of their phrasing and choice of data was biased to sound more shocking, and give the show more impact. I thought that it was not entirely fair to the issue of recycling... Andy Looney has some comments after having watched the video, what are your comments?

Looney Labs is glad to announce the creation of a discussion forum: The Eco list is a place for people to talk about actions we can take to live more environmentally sustainable lives and to chat about topics that appear on the Sustainable Living column. Please subscribe!

See you on the new Eco list!

Peace to you and yours,

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It's a nice planet, can we keep it? Join the Eco discussion list – a place for people to talk about actions we can take to live more environmentally sustainable lives and to chat about topics that appear on the Sustainable Living column.

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