At Looney Labs we believe that we can make a difference in the world. That is why a portion of the profits from the sales of EcoFluxx will be donated to groups working towards generating environmental awareness and to restoring the Earth. The EcoFluxx Foundation was established to choose which organizations are to receive these donations, and to provide a forum for all our fans and friends to talk about environmental issues, especially about things we can do in our daly lives to live more sustainably.
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Entreaties from the Green Fairy

Hello in March!

I was playing EcoFluxx the other day and I got to use the Earth Keeper (counts as Dirt, Water, or Air), and I immediately thought of Earth Day approaching soon. How are you celebrating the 37-year anniversary of this magnificent institution ?

Here at Looney Labs, we want to help you celebrate Earth Day! From now until the end of April - EcoFluxx is on sale in honor of Earth Day! Not only will you save $2 if you buy a copy this month, we will also throw in a free Earth Keeper promo card and some free EcoFluxx Pledge Cards. Order as many pledge cards as you think you can find a way to give away... just 5 for close friends, 25 for co-workers or classmates, or 100 or more if you will be attending a big Earth Day event with crowds of attendees. All for only $10.00 on our website! Wow!

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd, and all over the world many activities to honor and help our planet are being organized. Is there an event going on near you? I found a great page on the Nature Conservancy web site, the EPA has a searchable database of events, and the Wilderness Society has a page with All About Earth Day - but your best bet might be to just google Earth Day and your state or region to see what you find - spend some time poking around on the internet to see if you can find a fun event happening near you! Then... please consider handing out our EcoFluxx Pledge Cards!

On April 22nd and for a few days before and after, even if you don't attend an organized Earth Day event, here are some fun ways you can celebrate EarthDay:

  • wish everyone you know a Happy Earth Day - play EcoFluxx with as many people as you can!
  • give pledge cards out to everybody you encounter (at work, school, the grocery store - wherever)
  • tell your friends and family that you Pledge Allegiance to the Earth!
  • tell your friends and family that EcoFluxx is on sale at till the end of April
  • LooneyLabs is donating a portion of profits from EcoFluxx to help environmental groups working to care for our Earth!

    While playing EcoFluxx, I also whipped out Compost, a New Rule, and it too made me think of Earth Day. The United Nations marks Earth Day on the Vernal Equinox (First day of Spring! – March 20/21) and I will be churning my compost and getting all the good soil out into the garden. We often do not consider how what we “put out” might affect the environment. On the Eco List , ‘Becca has commented on individual/household garbage output. She has managed to greatly reduce the garbage produced by her three-person household by a combination of recycling, composting, and choosing options that use less packaging. Has anyone else tried some of her ideas, or does anyone else have any other neat ideas for reducing personal garbage output?

    I love to talk about compost, so I am sure I will bring up the subject again. For now, if you hear of, or come up with, cool ways of celebrating our Earth, do not hesitate to share on the list. Please subscribe!

    Have a great spring, and have a great Earth Day!

    Peace to you and yours,

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