At Looney Labs we believe that we can make a difference in the world. That is why a portion of the profits from the sales of EcoFluxx will be donated to groups working towards generating environmental awareness and to restoring the Earth. The EcoFluxx Foundation was established to choose which organizations are to receive these donations, and to provide a forum for all our fans and friends to talk about environmental issues, especially about things we can do in our daly lives to live more sustainably.
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Entreaties from the Green Fairy

Hello in April!

Spring is such a nice time of the year! The other day, I was playing EcoFluxx out in the yard (when it was nice and warm), and as I played the Goal Pollinators, I started to sneeze up a storm. To win with this Goal you need to have the Flowers Keeper and either the Birds or Insects or Air Keeper. (We do not have a Keeper for Bats, or they would be included as pollinators too).

And I thought how funny it was to be playing the Pollinators Goal and be getting a little allergy attack at the same time. Of the three pollinators listed on the Goal, it's the action of the Air that's giving me problems.

When plants use Air as a pollination strategy, they produce LOTS and LOTS of pollen that ends up on the plants to be pollinated, but also everywhere else, including other plants, windshields, and up people's noses and in their eyes... These plants have flowers so inconsequential-looking that most people probably don't even think of them as flowers. Grass and most trees fall into this category, and are big culprits for most spring pollen allergies.

Plants that use animals (Birds, Insects, Bats) as a pollination strategy produce fewer, bigger, heavier, pollen grains. They need a targeted "service" to get their pollen around, hence, they produce bright, showy, and/or smelly flowers to attract the pollinators.

So it is the small pollen grains that get carried by the wind that get into one's system causing the allergies... which makes me think... have you guys heard of the neti pot?

We have talked on the Eco mailing list about things we can do to live more sustainably, such as composting, using cloth for diapers and tissues, buying things with less packaging, eating less meat or not eating it at all... and for some reason I feel that the neti pot fits under the same rubric. It is a really natural way of cleaning your sinuses which takes away the causes and also greatly improves the symptoms of allergies and colds. I highly recommend it. Check it out and tell me what you think on the Eco list. Please subscribe!

Now that lots of plants are flowering, and especially the ones that are pollinated via the wind, I have been using the neti pot every day. For Earth Day I have been going out and collecting trash and recyclables. When I come back, I do a neti pot, and ahhh! I feel so good for doing good things for the Earth and for myself.

Speaking of which... If you have not yet gotten your EcoFluxx in honor of Earth Day, it is not too late! EcoFluxx will be on sale for the rest of April. Not only will you save $2 if you buy a copy by the end of the month, but you also get a free Earth Keeper promo card and as many EcoFluxx Pledge Cards you would like to give away. Have you guys figured out what you are doing on the official day of the Earth, April 22nd? Last month we gave some suggestions. If you still do not know what to do, check it out!

We have been playing EcoFluxx at Spring Break wilderness camp. It is a great way to end the day after being in the woods learning about the interconnectedness of things and survival skills. EcoFluxx puts everything together in a really fun way! The Green Fairy says, get EcoFluxx and Pledge Cards and play and give away to honor our planet. Ping! And like Andy says, playing EcoFluxx makes a great Earth Day tradition! Also remember that LooneyLabs is donating a portion of profits from EcoFluxx to help environmental groups working to care for our Earth!

Have a great spring, and have a great Earth Day!

Peace to you and yours,

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