If you're a member of the press, and you're interested in doing an article or review of us or our games, we'd love to send you a complimentary copy of our latest game, EcoFluxx: The Nature Game With Ever Changing Rules.

Please fill out this quick simple form to get us your contact information, and we will call you! The more information you can give us in the notes field the better, please see the list of suggestions below.

If you are on a tight deadline, you can get your sample order into our system to ship ASAP by placing the order yourself - please be sure you tell us something about yourself in the text comments or your order will be delayed.

Suggested details about your request; this info will help us get you all the information you might need to make your review or story great:

  1. Are you affiliated with a newspaper or a magazine?
    • What paper? Where?
    • What is the circulation?
    • Is there a website? Do you have clippings?
  2. Do you work for a TV or radio station?
    • What station? Where?
    • What is your viewing/listening audience?
    • Would this be part of your news show(s)? Or featured elsewhere?
    • Is there a website? Do you have online audio or video?
  3. Do you work for a web site?
    • What is the URL?
    • Is it independent or part of one of the larger web site networks?
    • What are your monthly or weekly page views?
    • Do you have articles on the site that you can link to?
  4. Are you freelance?
    • Who you hope to sell your story to.
    • Have you published with them before?
    • Have you pitched game review stories in the past?
    • Do you have stories/tearsheets online that we can view?

In all cases, we'd like to know what angle you'd like to pursue in following up on the game. There are several stories that come from the release of EcoFluxx, and of course, your article might focus on several of them:

  • Reviews of the game, gameplay, reviews about how the game fits into the 'Fluxx family'
  • Reviews of the game based on its educational nature, and use in education (schools, home schools, summer camps, science museums, etc)
  • Articles about the game, and about Looney Labs' donation of proceeds to ecological/environmental groups
  • Articles about Looney Labs' continuing philanthropy and activism
  • Articles about the Looneys: about Andy as developer of Fluxx and Alison as designer of this new game.

Of course, that's only a small sample of possible story angles.

Please also let us know if you feel your article would benefit from an interview with any of the Looneys. If you are in the area of College Park, MD, and would like to take photographs to accompany your article, please include that in your note. Looney Labs has a devoted fan base around the country. If you want a local interest angle, please let us know, and we'll see if any of our 'Looney Lab Rabbits' are in your area and available for an interview.

Thank you for your interest in our games!

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