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Treehouse Wins Best Board Game of 2006 Award

October 2007
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College Park, MD – Looney Labs has captured another major industry award, continuing a tradition of producing entertaining and award-winning games.

The small but growing game company received the prestigious Origins Award for Best Board Game or Expansion for the year 2006 for their pyramid game, Treehouse. The awards were presented at the Origins Awards ceremony, at the Origins International Game Expo and Fair in Columbus, Ohio. The Origins Awards are a 33-year tradition of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design. Each summer, after reviewing the game publications released the previous year, nominees are selected by committees of the Academy membership, then voted on by retailers and the gaming public. This is the fifth Origins Award for Looney Labs, having previously received Origins Awards for Icehouse (2000), Chrononauts (2000), Cosmic Coasters (2001), and Zendo (2003).

Treehouse is a board game played with a special set of colorful, clear plastic gaming pyramids. Each player is given a set of 3 little pyramids (one of each of the 3 sizes) which they stack up in a certain way (initially in a setup called a Tree). The object of the game is to rearrange your set of pyramids to make them match an extra set arranged in a different way in the center of the table, a grouping which is known as the House. The actions players get to take on their turns are directed by rolling the special six-sided Treehouse die, which gives them different options for altering the arrangement of their pyramids, or in some cases, the pieces players are trying to match.

The game is fast and exciting, and as soon as someone wins, everyone immediately wants to play again. Treehouse is a game adults can play with kids and which truly is fun for everyone because anyone can win, and you can't predict who's going to until someone does. Treehouse is played with patented gaming pyramids called Icehouse pieces, which can also be used to play hundreds of other board games. It's packaged in a convenient pocket-sized tube, thus making Treehouse a play-everywhere game you can take with you anywhere.

Looney Labs designs, produces, and markets award winning, specialty card and board games. Founded in 1996 by Andy and Kristin Looney, and located in College Park, MD, this team has become well-known in the gaming industry for their innovative and unique approach to making and selling games. The Looneys, both former NASA engineers, believe that one of the most important things they create is the fun people have while playing their games. Looney Labs games are proudly made in the USA.

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