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Board Game Beverage Coasters Expand Pyramid Game System

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College Park, MD – Looney Labs is proud to announce the release of Martian Coasters, a fun and innovative new dynamic-board game for use with their hit game Treehouse!

Most board games have a static board and moving pieces – in Martian Coasters, everything moves! Martian Coasters is a set of four colorful 4" beverage coasters, each featuring a small colorful gameboard. Playing a game of Martian Coasters requires a Treehouse set and a standard six-sided die (not included).

Each player has three pyramids of one color, which are distributed around on the three gameboards other than the one featuring that player's color. The object is to move all of one's pyramids onto the coaster/gameboard of matching color and into a nested stack on the center of that board. You roll the Treehouse die to determine special actions.

"In addition to being a great game, Martian Coasters is great because of how it expands Treehouse," says Kristin Looney. "You start with this addictive little pyramid game called Treehouse, then you upgrade the set by adding these colorful coasters, and presto - you've got a different cool little game to play with your pyramids. And that's still only the beginning... when you add more Treehouse sets, you can play over 100 unique new games. We've been inventing games for these pyramids for almost 20 years, so we've got lots of other great ways to play for you to discover."

"Martian Coasters is the perfect game to play while waiting for food at a restaurant,” says the inventor, Andrew Looney, “since it's really fast, it takes up very little space on the table, and after the game you can use the gameboards as a place to put your beverage!"

Looney Labs, designs, produces, and markets award winning, specialty card and board games. Founded in 1996 by Andy and Kristin Looney, and located in College Park, MD, this team has become well known and well loved in the gaming industry, for their innovative and unique approach to making and selling games. The Looneys believe that one of the most important things they create is the fun people have while playing their games.

For more info about Looney Labs, visit: http://www.looneylabs.com/

More information about Martian Coasters, visit: http://www.wunderland.com/icehouse/MartianCoasters/

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To arrange an interview with or Andrew Looney (designer of both Treehouse and Martian Coasters), or to obtain a review copy, please contact Looney Labs at (301) 441-1019.

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