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Luisa Robles
The Green Fairy
Greenbelt, MD
I am very exited to demo the new EcoFluxx! I love nature, hiking and camping, and contemplating. I love hanging out with friends. So EcoFluxx is the perfect game for me! I also enjoy playing Aquarius, Fluxx and StonerFluxx. I would like to have a magic wand to transform human behavior into something that is environmentally sustainable throughout the Earth, inter and intra-generationally. That includes using natural resources at a rate at which the Earth can replenish itself and absorb our wastes, and having a good satndard of living for everyone in the planet... is that too much to ask? (Looney Labs does not think so, they are socially and environmentally consciouss). Besides playing fun Looney Lab games with my friends and hanging out in nature, I like to attend cultural activities, visit museums, love to dance at wild parties, and I do not remember the last time I turned on my TV...

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