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March '07 - Planning for Earth Day
  • EcoFluxx Teacher's Special!
  • EcoFluxx lesson plans - and more
  • It's March! In my former career as a teacher, that meant a new bulletin board - shamrocks, lions-and-lambs, spring time is just around the corner - at least here in the Northern Hemisphere. Then there's the mud being tracked in, jackets being left behind because the weather is warming up again. The time of year when students are ready for something different. It's a perfect time to bring EcoFluxx into the classroom. Especially if you're going to be teaching any Earth Day activities.

    Earth Day is coming up soon- only a few weeks away. We here at Looney Labs are starting to gear up for Earth Day, so now is the time to look at your April calendar and put a few EcoFluxx lesson days into your lesson plans.

    To help all you busy teachers out there, Looney Labs is offering an EcoFluxx Teacher's Special from now until Earth Day. Buy 6 decks of EcoFluxx from our webstore and you'll get 30% off! Plus, you'll receive a pack of free EcoFluxx Pledge Cards. Do you need more than one pack of cards? No problem - just order them right from that webstore page. If you've got a great use for a few hundred cards (because of a rally or all-school event or other gathering) feel free to order as many as you can put to use in a good Earth-friendly way!

    So... once you've gotten EcoFluxx into your classroom, what do you do with it? To help with this, I give you the first of what will be many pages here at the Academy: The EcoFluxx Academy Page. On this page you will find

  • Links to a lesson plan, including pre- and post-quizzes, and other helpful things.
  • National standard information and correlation
  • Ideas on how to use EcoFluxx in your classroom
  • and much more.

    So start planning now to integrate EcoFluxx into your classroom for Earth Day!

    P.S. If you have any suggestions on ways we can get the word out about this special to teachers everywhere - please let me know - or just forward a link to this page to any teacher newsgroup/websites you frequent.

    Thanks for helping us promote EcoFluxx and Earthday!

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