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June '07 - Chrononauts: History in the making changing!
  • Have you ever heard: "Why do we need to know this?"
  • How to get the kids of today interested in yesterday - and talking about tomorrow: Teach with Chrononauts - time travel in a box.

  • History.

    Dull, boring facts. Dates to memorize and forget once a test is over. Names that are only names, not real people. That's what most kids think, right?

    There isn't a teacher among us who hasn't heard a variant on that theme, no matter what our subject area. "Why do I have to learn this?" "When will I ever use it in real life?" "Can't you make it not so boring?!?"

    Kurt Vonnegut said, "History is merely a list of surprises. It can only prepare us to be surprised yet again." It is vital that the future citizens who are currently in our schools graduate with a fair understanding of the world they'll soon be leading. The only meaningful way be prepared for the surprises in store for us is to understand the surprises we've already had. So, how do we catch kids' attentions and make history interesting enough that they want to learn it?

    Research shows that games catch kids' attention - and a good game can teach without being boring. Case in point: Chrononauts. Packed with facts and dates and people, Chrononauts is a solid teaching tool - yet it's so fun, your students won't realize they're learning.

    Chrononauts was the first Looney Labs game that found its way into classrooms. Teachers used it as a pre-unit motivator or a discussion sparker - and kids found they could learn about history for fun.

    "What if you had a time machine? What would you do?" These two simple questions can be the basis of hundreds of lessons, discussions, projects and story seeds, engaging students to actively participate in history.

    Would you kill Hitler? Would you save Lincoln? Would you try to stop Sputnik? Would you start World War 3? And then the most important question - what would happen next?

    Etienne Gilson said "History is the only laboratory we have in which to test the consequences of thought." If history truly is a laboratory, then how do we create hands-on learning opportunities for our students? Playing Chrononauts in the classroom is a real way to model cause and effect, what-if's and all the other bits of history in a safe, fun environment.

    Our students need to become citizens who understand that their thoughts and actions have consequences - that cause and effect are real. Lesson plans like the one found here that use Chrononauts can be an integral part of that learning proccess.

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