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What is Treehouse? Treehouse is a wonderful set of classroom manipulatives wrapped up in a fun game that students won't be able to put down. The basic game consists of each player trying to get their trio of pieces (their Tree) to match the trio in the center (the House) - using only the moves you roll on the die. A single tube provides fun for 2-4 students, and each game lasts only 5-10 minutes - but they'll want to stack them up again and again each time someone wins.
How do you play? Set up your pyramids as shown in the rules, and roll the included Treehouse die. Each option on the die is a different possible move - you can Tip your Tree over, or Hop a piece over or on top of another. If you can perform the rolled action on your own Tree, you must. But if you can't, then you may choose to move the House pieces to perform the action. The goal of the game is to get your Tree looking like the House, or to get the House looking like your Tree. Full rules can be found here.
Lesson Plans Standard Treehouse
Grade 7+ Lesson
web PDF
Play Treehouse in a Foreign Language Class.
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National Standards Correlation On this page you will find a listing of how Treehouse correlates with the National Education standards, especially Math standards. We've taken the behaviors that students accomplish while playing Treehouse and put this against the verbage of the Standards. This table will grow as teachers from around the country help correlate their own State Standards with Treehouse. Please help with this project and drop Carol an email at [edu-support (at)] with information on Educational Standards in your state and how our games fit your state's requirements!
How to use Treehouse in your class
  • These are new and exciting math manipulatives that stack and nest. The ideas for manipulatives can be expanded into many more dimensions with the design of these pyramids.
  • Use the pyramids to keep score for other games or activities. Smalls can be 1 point, mediums 5, larges 25 - or any other logical system that works. Have the students design a scoring system for their activity and get ownership of their own learning.
  • These pyramids are the basis of hundreds of games found on the web. Have your students find a new game, learn it and teach it to the class. Or, have them invent their own game to be part of the growing treasure chest of games!
  • Basics: Ages 8 and up. 2-4 players. 5-10 min. per game. SRP $9. Is available in two color mixes. Each mix has 15 pyramids, containing a small, medium and large pyramid of 5 colors. Mixes are: Rainbow (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Black) and Xeno (Orange, Purple, Clear, Cyan and White). Important: contains small pieces - not intended for kindergarten or younger students

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