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Fluxx Español

What is Fluxx Español? Fluxx Español is the Spanish version of Fluxx, with new Keepers and Goals. It is entirely in Spanish, designed either for the native speaker or the student as a practice aid.
How do you play? Fluxx Español is played exactly like our best-selling game Fluxx. You start off with 3 cards in your hand, you draw one and you play one. How is this version of Fluxx different? Fluxx Español is entirely in Spanish. The Keepers, Goals, Actions and New Rules are fully translated into Spanish by our own Luisa. You can see the back-of-the-box information as well as some sample cards here. Full rules can be found here in PDF form. Please be aware that this last link is a rather large file.
Lesson Plans Spanish 2 Lesson
web PDF
National Standards Correlation On this page you will find a listing of how Fluxx Español correlates with the National Education standards, especially Foreign Language standards. We've taken the behaviors that students accomplish while playing Fluxx Español and put this against the verbage of the Standards. This table will grow as teachers from around the country help correlate their own State Standards with Fluxx Español. Please help with this project and drop Carol an email at [edu-support (at)] with information on Educational Standards in your state and how our games fit your state's requirements!
How to use Fluxx Español in your class
  • Have students translate the cards - especially the Action cards, without having the English versions around. Then compare them to the regular Fluxx deck.
  • Make new cards for the game using current vocabulary words.
  • Basics: Ages 10 and up. 3-6 players. 10-30 min. per game. SRP $8. Note: the entire game, including the rules sheet, are all in Spanish.

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