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What is Chrononauts? What would you do with a time mahcine? In Chrononauts, each player becomes a time traveler, with a unique identity and a secret mission. During the game, players travel backwards and forwards through history, doing all those things people have always dreamed of using a time machine to do: visiting the great moments of the past, peeking into the future, and of course, changing pivotal events and altering the course of history itself. How would the timeline be different if Lincoln and JFK had not been assassinated? It's all packed into a fast and easy card game that will take you to the beginning of time and back again.
How do you play? The deck is made up of various smaller decks: the Timeline, ID's, Missions and the Play Deck. First, set the timeline up by laying out the cards in chonological order, with the "real" history facing up. This becomes your game board, and will very likely not look exactly like this again during the game. Shuffle the ID's together and hand one out to each player, and do the same with the Missions. Finally, shuffle the Play Deck together and place it in a handy spot for everyone to reach.

There are three ways to win, and any one is a valid win.
  • Make the timeline match your ID
  • gather all the Artifacts listed on your Mission or
  • get 10 cards in hand.
For a more complete explanation, check out the rules online, including the rules for solo play in a game called Solonauts.
Lesson Plans Lesson Plan by David Millians web and PDF
National Standards Correlation On this page you will find a listing of how Chrononauts correlates with the National Social Studies standards. We've taken the behaviors that students accomplish while playing Chrononauts and put this against the verbage of the Standards, complete with reference and links. This table will grow as teachers from around the country help correlate their own State Standards with Chrononauts.

Please help with this project and drop Carol an email at [edu-support (at)] with information on Educational Standards in your state and how our games fit your state's requirements!
How to use Chrononauts in your class
  • Research the various dates found in the game. Discuss why these dates are important and connected.
  • Have the students come up with new Linchpins and Ripplepoints. Have them discuss these choices and how their additions would affect the game.
  • Basics: Ages 11 and up. 1-6 players. 20-45 min. SRP: $20.

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