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National Standards:
Correlation with Chrononauts

Student Behavior Standard Text Standard
In Chrononauts, students construct a timeline to form the gameboard upon which to play. During game play, they must manipulate the gameboard to change events by flipping the corresponding card(s) which caused that event to take place. They also must place new cards upon the gameboard, matching the dates on the cards.
  • Distinguish between past, present, and future time.
  • Identify the temporal structure of a historical narrative or story.
  • Establish temporal order in constructing historical narratives of their own.
  • Measure and calculate calendar time.
  • Interpret data presented in time lines and create time lines.
  • Reconstruct patterns of historical succession and duration; explain historical continuity and change.
  • Compare alternative models for periodization.
Standard 1: Chronological Thinking, parts A-G.
In Chrononauts, students must be able to differentiate between the real history and the invented history within the game. For example, it is possible within the game to cause Martin Luther King, Jr. to become president. This obviously did not happen, but through game play can be made to be an alternate history. There are numerous possible alternate histories available within game play, and students must be able to recognize which bits of history, both alternate and real, constitute a winning condition for themselves. These winning conditions change every time the game is played, making each game new, different, and fun.
  • Differentiate between historical facts and historical interpretations.
  • Read historical narratives imaginatively.
  • Appreciate historical perspectives.
Standard 2 : Historical Comprehension parts D-F
In Chrononauts, students are presented with multiple ways to victory, and must understand that each move may help their opponents as well as themselves. Each historical event that is affected causes ripples of effect throughout the timeline, causing the student to directly manipulate the events effected by their changes. The students will often be at cross purposes to one other, which causes different interpretations upon the value of any historical event to be constantly changing, as the events change.
  • Compare and contrast differing sets of ideas.
  • Consider multiple perspectives.
  • Analyze cause-and-effect relationships and multiple causation.
  • Hold interpretations of history as tentative.
  • Hypothesize the influence of the past.
Standard 3 : Historical Analysis and Interpretation parts A, B, C, H and J.

State Standards

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Thank you!

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