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At Looney Labs, we believe that teachers make a difference. Teachers are true heroes, each day touching the future as they teach. The Looney Academy strives to help teachers by providing quality content on the educational value of Looney Labs games.

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Our Games
Games that have strong educational content or have been used successfully in classrooms.

Lesson Plans
A list of all our lesson plans.

Standards Correlation
An index of how our games compare to the US National Education Standards.

Our trifold brochure with overviews of the educational content of our most popular games.

Conferences that teachers might be interested in.

Connect with other teachers through the EDU Discussion Mailing List.

Teacher Warren
A virtual "meeting place" where all teachers are welcome.

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with ideas, thoughts and comments you may have.

Looney Academy Archives

June 2007 Chrononauts - history in the changing.
May 2007 ¡Fluxx Español: es una manera divertida de practicar el español!
(it's a fun way to practice Spanish!)
April 2007 Treehouse: It's more than just a game.
March 2007 Bring EcoFluxx into the classroom
February 2007 Looney Labs games are educational
January 2007 Games are good for students!

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